Kristoffer Raasted

Artist Kristoffer Raasted is educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts in 2018 with a supplementary MFA in art theory from the Institute of Artistic Research and exchange semesters at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and Faculdade de Belas-Artes Ulisboa, and an internship period at Issue Project Room in New York. Raasted conducts artistic research in the intersectional field between sound, performance and installations and will commence the practice-based ph.d. project at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in september 2020. The PhD stipend is granted by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and is organized in a collaboration between the University of Copenhagen and The Academy of Fine Arts.
foto: Lou Mouw



Kristoffer Raasted, born 1988, Copenhagen

Artistic research PhD student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts kristoffer.raasted@kunstaka, +45 25473200, Svendelodden 5, 1. th, 2400 Kbh NV, DK-Denmark


MFA, The Media School, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 2018
Atelier Anne Rochette, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 2017 Faculdade de Belas-Artes Ulisboa, Lisbon, 2016 Internship, Issue Project Room, New York, 2016 BFA, the Painting Department, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Cph, 2015
Ground School at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 2012-2015

Future exhibitions and performances:

Xenon, Copenhagen, 2022

Polychrome, Copenhagen, 2022

Selected exhibitions and performances:

Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, 2019

Corporum, Århus, Die Raum, Berlin, 2019


Residency: Statens Legatlejlighed i Frankrig, Paris, 2021

Residency: Elektronmusikstudion EMS, Stockholm, 2021

Kunsthal 44 Møn, Askeby, 2020

Rønnebæksholm, Næstved, 2020

Kongegården, Korsør, 2020

Art Hub Copenhagen, Copenhagen, 2020

Cashmere Radio, Berlin, 2020

Artist Talk: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, 2020

Water~Sound~City, SoundsAbout, Gallery Zwitschermachine, Berlin, 2019

Pescheria, Rome, 2019

Café Oto, London, 2019

Kiilan Äänipäivät, Kiilantie, 2019

Alice Folker Gallery, Copenhagen, 2019

Forestlimit, Tokyo, 2019

Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen, 2017

Superdeluxe, Tokyo, 2017

Soto, Kyoto, 2017

Paradise Air, Matsudo, 2017

Khiasma, Paris, 2017

Glyptotekets Palmehave, Copenhagen, 2016

Trans-Pecos, New York, 2016

Sound Art Series, Idio Gallery, New York, 2016

The Spring Exhibition at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, 2014